bridal makeup artists must pay attention 13 Tips

Every prospective bride wants to be the most attractive one on the day of marriage, and it is indispensable to choose a bridal makeup artist that suits you.

In addition to knowing the bride’s make-up price comparison, there are many other factors to pay attention to.

INES WEDDINGS has prepared the following factors for you to help you find the best Big Day makeup artist for you!


13 Tips to choose bridal makeup artist notes:

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Tips 1
Paying the balance issue

It should be noted that the above price may not be the final charge because there may be unexpected extra costs in the process.

If guests do not request full-time attendance at the beginning, sudden requests for makeup and hair styling on the day will need to be discussed separately.

If it is too early in the morning to go out, it will be necessary to increase the fare and fare (general taxi fare is reported in real terms).

Or if bridesmaids, sisters, and other relatives and friends ask for make-up, there will be a separate charge for the number of people or the number of models.

In addition, the wedding banquet often takes longer than originally scheduled. If the bride needs a make-up artist to extend her service, she must pay for overtime work.

All of the above additional charges will make the ending amount more than the original amount .


Tips 2

Bridal Makeup Fees

The makeup and hair stylist fees vary. It is definitely related to seniority and past experience.

Therefore, it is important to pay attention to whether the price of makeup artists will be even, because there are so many novice make-up artists and the fees will be low.

If you are greedy, employing a make-up artist with insufficient on-site experience may result in overtime for makeup and make-up changes, affecting a good time, or keeping guests at the dinner party. This will also lead to an extension of the dinner time.

On the other hand, most make-up artists OT calculate on an hourly basis. It is necessary to clearly know how long the reserved make-up artist stays on the course of the day, whether there is an appointment makeup session, whether it is a half-day or full-day personal service.

So, for a perfect BIG DAY, remember to find a quality company. Don’t be greedy!

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Tips 3
Understand the responsibility of the bridal makeup artist

Each bride has different expectations for makeup artists.

Some people think that makeup artists need to be personal, including hanging skirts and the like.

In fact, even if it is full-time makeup artist, the scope of responsibility is limited to the bride’s make-up and hairstyle, and the rest is only compulsory.

During the process, makeup artists should do basic cleansing, skin care, makeup, makeup and makeup.

Of course, the number of make-ups varies, depending on the actual needs and arrangements for the wedding program, but the most important thing is that both parties have enough communication.

Most day-to-day makeup artists will make makeup or make makeup before and during the meal.


Tips 4

Other Terms and Fees

Both parties must indicate before the signing of the contract whether to use the pre-paid or post-event closing fees to avoid the embarrassment that one party will not pay the mantissa after the wedding.

Clearly understand what the package includes, how time is calculated, and how early the time goes out, how much overtime work, it is necessary to reserve the makeup artist all day or only sooner or later.

These details must be clearly communicated to the makeup artist because each make-up artist’s calculation method is different.


Tips 5

Black and white, there is a single case

If both parties are satisfied with the results of the trial, they can further down the deposit.

Many newcomers have misunderstood the deposit, thinking that the deposit includes the wedding day makeup fee.

However, in fact, most makeup artists charge deposits only for the period of the reservation. The actual generous makeup fees are paid on the wedding day.

Moreover, no matter how many make-up artists and the bride initially had a speculative agreement, the work negotiations must be handled with care.

The best way is for the two parties to sign a contract to clarify how many people makeup, how many makeups and make-ups they have to make, how to calculate overtime charges, the number of fare charges, and the amount of pay-out time.


Tips 6

Bridesmaid and sister makeup

Some bridesmaids may choose to make simple makeup at your wedding and others hope to hire your make-up artist.

If the number of sister makeup is relatively large, it may be necessary to arrange enough makeup artists.

Therefore, it is advisable that both sides should indicate on the terms whether additional fees are needed to avoid unnecessary disputes.


Tips 7

What products do brides need to bring their own

If the color of a certain lipstick is your favorite or a commonly used concealer brand, it is advisable to communicate with your makeup artist in advance.

Look at what makeup you need from your bride to prevent unexpected situations on your wedding day.



Tips 8

Quality of products used by makeup artists

Many people have sensitive skin, so it is important to pay attention to whether the same product is suitable for your skin.

Special attention should be paid to the cleanliness of makeup, because the makeup sweep may leave the secretions of previous guests and even bacteria, and improper treatment will affect their skin.

If necessary, bring your own toiletries on the wedding day.

Tips 9

Different lighting tests

The final course is to test the results under different lights!

The effect of different mobile phone images has already had its own beautification effect, so it must be decided on the spot by itself.

In addition, you can try to see the makeup effect in different dark areas, or look closer at brighter lights.

Tips 10

Know your face and features first

A bride with usual makeup habits may know more about her facial contours .

Because most people’s facial features will be asymmetric, but some are more obvious.

Of course, professional makeup artists will certainly pay attention, but if you know yourself, you can tell her in advance.

Tips 11

Provide Reference for your desired makeup

Before makeup, try to find makeup and hairstyling for the make-up artist as much as possible, because we may not be able to describe the shape we like.

But keep in mind that what you like is not necessarily for you, but at least let the makeup artist understand your favorite style.

Then the makeup artist’s professional vision and skills will create a makeup and hairstyle suitable for you.

Tips 12

Early appointment test

If you want your big day safe, it is advisable to make an appointment to make an appointment early.

Firstly, not every bridal make-up artist fits your mind. Secondly, try-make-ups also provide an opportunity for both parties to understand and work with each other.

The bride is worth the time to try a few more stylings and find makeup artists who match their style and personality.

For makeup artists, it is also convenient for future work to master the other party’s intentions when trying out makeup.

And the bridal makeup artist is particularly busy in the days of auspicious days and high seasons.

The best time to make an appointment for a make-up artist is 8 months before the wedding date, and some good makeup artists need to make an appointment 1 year or more in advance.

So remember to reserve your schedule early and don’t rush to your feet.

Tips 13

Makeup Artist Portfolio

Through the other wedding photographs of the bridal makeup artist, learn about their style and skill level.

Photos can be seen in how their sense of makeup are presented in the photo, if it fits your overall style, can be taken into account first try makeup column of.

Do not see the eagerness to make a decision on the makeup of your heart. Nowadays, you must try your own makeup and be truly satisfied with the makeup of your entire bride.


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