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Bridal Makeup Price & Package

  • A: Registration/Exiting/Noon/Dinner Bridal Make-up & Hair Design Once
  • B: Dinner Bridal Make Up & Haircut (3 styles)
  • C: Morning + Bridal Evening Dress (2 styles)
  • D: All-Day Bridal Make-Up & Hairstyle (unlimited Styles) 

*In addition to Pre weddding overseas wedding photography and Big day wedding photography offer for big days

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The bride’s make-up is very important, once in a lifetime, so a lot of brides don’t hesitate to spend over a million mosquitoes lining famous makeup artist. However, when it comes to the truth, over a million mosquitoes are affordable to everyone, so I’ll be able to make the most out of the two. Don’t miss it! The offer period is limited.


DIY handmade bridal accessory service

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Package A Single Bridal Makeup Offer

  • Bridal makeup and hair styling x 1

Bridal Makeup packageBridal Makeup package 2

Package B Dinner Wine Bridal Makeup and Hair Styling

  • Evening banquet: Bridal makeup and hair styling x 3

Bridal Makeup package 3

Package C  Bridal Makeup and Hair styling x 2

  • Morning: Bridal makeup and hair styling x 1
    Afternoon banquet: Bridal makeup and hair styling x 1

Bridal Makeup package 4

Package D Full Day 

  • All-day Bridal Make-up & Hair Design (Not limited to makeup makeup times)


Creative Director 15 years or more experience

It is rare to see male and female bridal makeup artists. In fact, male makeup artists and female makeup artists can create perfect shapes for the bride and never lose. Paulstylist’s makeup career began with a hair stylist, so the head of the drainage set would be different from that of the makeup artist. Drainage knows how to use the hair dryer to loosen the hair and set the head first. The net system has been changed. His make-up and hairstyle will make him feel like a star. He will understand the male’s vision to discover the bride’s star temperament. At the same time, he will not feel ten years old. After many years, he will not feel old-fashioned. If you think that you will persist in the TV station, if you feel that you will adhere to the end, you will have an artist character! Usually, the customer is a palstylist who has a personal assistant. The bride has any problems and can rest assured that she is dependent on her. Provide a comprehensive service.



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Makeup Artist paulstylist

Bride Trial Makeup Service

  • Makeup 2-3 styles
  • $600
  • Immediate decision and deposit can be returned

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Special There is no need for Trial !
*free groom make-up and hair styling 

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Bridal Makeup Notes

  • The deposit can only be received after the date of receipt. The deposit is half of the selected package.
  • No hidden charges. All Packages have Eyelashes, Cosmetics, Hair Products, and No Additional Supplements
  • If a guest requests a make-up artist to  arrive at or before 08:30 am , regardless of the area, guests will be required to pay the makeup artist and fellow makeup artist (if any) for one-way taxi fare (according to the table).
  • Full day is 14 hours (OT $500/hour)
  • Dropped Deposit / Cosmetic Fee is not refundable, cannot be transferred and cannot be converted to a lower-priced Package
  • On the day of the wedding reception, in case of black rain/storm and other inclement weather, taxi fares have to be paid back and forth.
  • Cash only.

Mother / Sisters/Friends Makeup Hair & Makeup

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  • Bride Package plus sisters, friends and relatives, moms, make-up and make-up services, makeup service for dinner party, makeup team, can be arranged according to the number of people
  • If you need to add “sister/ friend makeup hairstyle” besides Package, we have a discount price .

Pre-Wedding Overseas Make-up & Design Services 

  • Hong Kong / overseas, indoor or outdoor, group makeup, personal makeup classes, etc.
  • If you also confirm Wedding Day Bridal Makeup, Pre Wedding Package has a special offer!
  • Will have discount for Pre Wedding Package if confirmed Wedding Day Package !

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海外婚紗攝影推薦 香港日本台灣韓國歐洲 OVERSEAS PRE-WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY PACKAGES coolstylist-68
Wedding Photography Oversea
海外婚紗攝影推薦 香港日本台灣韓國歐洲 OVERSEAS PRE-WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY PACKAGES coolstylist-53
Wedding Photography Oversea
海外婚紗攝影推薦 香港日本台灣韓國歐洲 OVERSEAS PRE-WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY PACKAGES coolstylist-59
Wedding Photography Oversea
海外婚紗攝影推薦 香港日本台灣韓國歐洲 OVERSEAS PRE-WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY PACKAGES coolstylist-29
Wedding Photography Oversea
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Wedding Photography Hong Kong
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Wedding Photography Hong Kong

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Coolstylist provides on-site makeup set head service, suitable for objects such as brides going out/registering/dinner feasts, etc. There are also general people who want to dress up at home and prepare for various private banquets or shoots, such as Grad din/birthday party/family home/graduation Wait.

We also have sturdy/commercial make-ups such as advertising photos/magazine covers/overseas wedding photography etc.
We also have professional photographers to shoot.

How to find our makeup artist?  

Whatsapp / ☎phone (with call)  +852 96735167




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